Upbeat News for the Housing Market!

More Positive News for the Housing Market!

Across the board – from newspapers to financial experts the news is repetitive,  Now is a Great Time to Buy a Home!  It’s not just the advice about housing prices – or affordability – or the economy – it’s also because it’s going to cost more to obtain a mortgage to buy that home.  Interest rates have been at record lows – and they will go up – but that’s not the most immediate problem for buyers.  Fees and more stringent requirements for mortgage applicants are going to add to the cost of buying a home.

The Wall Street Journal – “From Bottom Up, Signs of Housing Recovery”

USA Today – “Housing Outlook is More Upbeat”

Washington Post – “Housing Market and Economy Showing Encouraging Signs”

Newsday – “Americans feeling better about economy”

Newsday – “Homes sales up”












A report from HUD states that “Homes today are more affordable for average families than they have been since 1971.  Median-income families today have nearly double the funds needed to purchase the average home.”















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